A briquette is a compressed block made up of coal dust, charcoal dust, saw dust, wood chips etc which is used as fuel in stoves, boilers and also to ignite fire. Any type of biomass can be used as a briquette. The remains or by-products of industries like cotton seeds, corn waste, jute waste, cotton husk, coffee husk etc. are used as the raw materials to prepare the briquette products. We make different type of briquetting machines that produce varied size of products as the output. We have employed highly skilled professionals that manufacture and operate the machines which are made up of high quality parts. Our machines convert agro, forestry and industrial waste in useful product like pollution-free fuels. Our clients prefer our products because of its advantages and features. We provide a range of Briquetting Plant that are made in advanced biomass briquetting equipment and have international excellence standards.

Why this plant?

Briquetting plants are available in different sizes and capacity according to the utilization and the type of briquette that are to be produced. The machines are made according to the client’s specification and also the size of briquettes required. The price of machine depends on the specifications that are requested by the client. If your budget is less and you want to set up a plant then this plant is the best option for you.  The plant gives you the same quality of product as  jumbo 90 mm briquetting machine. This gives you the benefit to get same plant at low cost without compromising with the quality of the product.

super 75mm briquette plant

Specifications: (Approx.)

Plant capacity: 800-1000 kg/hr

Power consumption: 50-60 units/hr

Pressure: 1200kg/cm2

Density: 140-200 kg/m3

Raw material size: 10mm

Output diameter size: 75mm

Output length: 100-200 mm

Output Shape: cylindrical


  • −>  Low energy consumption
  • −>  Less production cost
  • −>  Advanced technology
  • −>  Siren System
  • −>  Digital temperature control
  • −>  No air pollution
  • −>  High density


  • ⇒  Less Energy Consumption
  • ⇒  Faster working
  • ⇒  High Efficiency
  • ⇒  Less cost
  • ⇒  Less maintenance
  • ⇒  Latest Technology
  • ⇒  Easy operating

We are a renowned brand in the production of briquetting machines of different size and specifications. We manufacture briquetting plants of 75mm 90mm briquettes size and even manufacture the driers and crushers. Apart from manufacturing the machine we also supply them in all over India and also all the nations worldwide. We assure that the machines are manufactured and supplied to our client’s in time and they have best quality machines. We are already supplying our machines to clients from USA, Australia, South Africa, France, Germany and Canada. Our export ratio is nearly 70% which is throughout the world.