Out of the majority of global problems, environmental issues are very worrisome as they tend to affect the life, not just humans but of all creatures in general. Oil Spills, Global warming and air, water and soil pollution cannot be taken for granted, especially for long periods of time. There is an immediate need for some substitute of fossil fuels like petroleum fuel and coal that are the root cause of the majority of ecological problems. An efficient, but safer form of fuel is the need of the day.   We are making Renewable Briquette Machine that uses Nature Friendly technology and effectively utilizes the materials in order to maintain and preserve our environment. We have our main focus on saving Natural Resources so that the up-coming generations.

We are having an experience of 21 years in this field of manufacturing, supplying and exporting the Renewable Briquetting Machine, briquetting plants, dryers and crushers of supreme quality. The Briquetting Machines and Technology that we use are of best quality and efficiency and are highly accepted. We have set up plants that will use the waste and fallow materials in order to generate a new source of energy for the people. The supreme quality of products that we deliver is a result of our team’s hard work, dedication and use of latest and world class technology. Our machines use agricultural wastes and forests waste like leaves, stems, cotton stalk, almond shells, coffee seeds shells, sugarcane waste, cashew nut shells etc.


→  Machine Type: Renewable Briquetting Plant

→  Final Shape: Cylindrical

→  Power required: 90 HP

→  Density: 1100-1400 kg

→  Production Capacity: 1250 kg/hr

→  Raw material: powder form

→  Final product size: 65/ 75/90mm Diameter

Main Highlights:

−>  Excellence growth

−>  High profit ratio

−>  Ready for market

−>  Large variety of range

−>  Conservation of natural resources

−>  Less capital required

−>  Help maintain ecological balance

Renewable Briquetting Plant Project


  • →  Ideal usage for forest wastage
  • →  No sulphur hence no air pollution
  • →  Optimum performance
  • →  Less maintenance required
  • →  Maximum production capacity
  • →  Easy handling


  • ⇒  Cheaper compared to Coal
  • ⇒  Normal fuel like coal cannot be replaced after use
  • ⇒  High thermal power
  • ⇒  Uniform combustion
  • ⇒  Higher boiler efficiency
  • ⇒  Easy to store

We are manufacturers and suppliers of briquetting machines. We make machines using the highest quality parts and use the most recent advanced technology. Each department of our industry is allocated with a special team of professionals and trained persons to handle the manufacturing process to produce the supreme quality of machines. Special attention is given on the machines that have to be modified according to the clients requirement so that the machines run smoothly and give optimum performance. Our supplying range is not limited to our state but we also export our best quality products to other international countries. We have already served a lot of clients in these countries. Our export ratio is very high and also the quality of machines provided is supreme.

Export Details

Countries USA, Germany, Africa, Australia, France and all other countries of the world
Export Ratio 70%
Type of Product All type of briquetting machines