1. What is Briquetting?
Answer:  Briquetting is a process that converts the Agriculture and Forestry wastage into a solid bio-fuel. The briquette produced from this briquetting machine are strong and consistent in quality having high calorific value.


2. Which raw material is used to make briquettes?

Answer: Generally, agriculture and forestry wastages like saw dust, rice husk, charcoal dust, sugar cane trash, trees leaves, and flowers used as raw material in briquettes.


3. Which type of technology is used in Briquetting Plant?
Answer: A Binder less technology is used in Briquetting Plant as no extra element is required to bind the briquette into a single and uniform format.


4. What is coal briquette?

Answer: Coal briquette is a useful form prepared by pressing the granules of coal in briquette press machine to manufacture bio coal used as fuel in boilers, industries, etc. There is real demand of coal briquette prepared in specially designed briquetting machines.


5. Which equipment is used for making briquette?

Answer: There are various type of biomass briquetting machine and plant that form a whole unit to prepare uniform shaped briquette. These system is handled as a project in industries to make briquette of coal, paper and agro forest waste.


6. What is biomass briquette?

Answer: Biomass briquette is developed from natural agro waste to replace the use of coal. Briquettes are used in today’s developing world where people don’t get fuel for cooking.

7. What is the production capacity of Jumbo-90 briquetting plant?

Answer: The Production Capacity of Jumbo-90 is 1200-1800 Kg/Hrs but it is depends on Raw Material.


8. What is the benefit of briquetting plant?

Answer: There are lots of Advantages of briquetting plant.

Briquettes are cheaper than coal
--> Easy to transport
--> Binder less technology
--> Renewable energy
--> Clean to handle
--> Increase ground temperature
--> Easy to store and packing
--> Lower moisture content than coal
--> Eco-friendly
--> High energy content


9. What is a briquetting unit?

Answer: Briquettes are manufactured in special machine designed to crush, dry and press the bio agro waste. All these components combine and form the whole briquetting unit. The shape and size of briquette is variable as per the demand of the client according to the use.


10. How many types of briquetting plant model available in market?

Answer: Six types of briquetting plant model are available in market depending on the production capacity:
--> Supreme 65
--> Supreme 75
--> Jumbo 90
--> Biomass Crusher
--> Turbo Dryer
--> Rotary Dryer


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