Briquette is basically the waste or remains that are left in some industries. They are normally natural materials which are now not useful in that format like cumin waste, forest leaves, eucalyptus, corn waste, bagasse,  almond shells etc. We make different type of machines that make a varied size of products as the output. Briquetting machines use various materials to produce the end products. Biomass in the briquetting machine needs to have some specific dimensions and properties. The size of the materials should be small and also the content of moisture in the materials should be very less. But all the materials do not have that much less amount of moisture content in them so the excess amount in them has to be dried using the dryer. The materials in the machine needs only 8-12% moisture content in them, if the content is higher than 12%, the materials need to be dehydrated in order to form supreme quality of briquettes. If the materials have more moisture content then they are not suitable for the plants. Such materials are sent to the dryer to remove the excessive moisture from them so as to improve the end product.

Our manufacturing team has implemented many advanced technologies to enhance the drier and improve the quality of the product. We manufacture and supply best quality dryer machines that have maximum efficiency and perfect shaped products as the product.


Moisture removing capacity 3000 kg/hr
Burner Capacity 90-250 kcal/hr
Fan Power 37 kW
Motor Power 18.5 kW


  • −> Consists of rotating cylinder, shovel plates and supporting and transmission device
  • −> Maximum heat transfer
  • −> Biomass absorbs heat in cylinder
  • −> Adjustable moisture level
  • −> Cost effectiveness
  • −> Low power consumption


  • →  Less Energy Consumption
  • →  Faster working
  • →  High Efficiency
  • →  Less cost
  • →  Less maintenance
  • →  Latest Technology
  • →  Easy operating

We are manufacturers and suppliers of briquetting machines. We make machines using the highest quality parts and use the most recent advanced technology. Each department of our industry is allocated with a special team of professionals and trained persons to handle the manufacturing process to produce the supreme quality of machines. Special attention is given on the machines that have to be modified according to the clients requirement so that the machines run smoothly and give optimum performance. Our supplying range is not limited to our state but we also export our best quality products to other international countries. We have already served a lot of clients in these countries. Our export ratio is very high and also the quality of machines provided is supreme.

Export Details

Countries USA, Germany, Africa, Australia, France and all other countries of the world
Export Ratio 70%
Type of Product All type of briquetting machines