The briquetting plant uses the waste and remains from industries to manufacture fuel or other briquettes that can be used to ignite fire.Briquette is basically the waste or remains that are left in some industries. They are normally natural materials which are now not useful in that format like cumin waste, forest leaves, eucalyptus, corn waste, bagasse,  almond shells etc. We make different type of machines that make a varied size of products as the output. Briquetting machine use various materials to produce the end products. Biomass in the briquetting machine needs to have some specific dimensions and properties. The size of the materials should be small and also the content of moisture in the materials should be very less. But all the materials do not have that much less amount of moisture content in them so the excess amount in them has to be dried using the dryer. In this way our products help preserve the environment and use the resources efficiently and motivate people to turn toward renewable resources. The materials used needs to be of a specific size in order to prepare a proper product.

The crusher machine in briquetting process is also known as a shredder. The primary process of this crusher is to compress and chop the materials till they are reduced to a suitable size that is required by that briquetting unit. The crusher machine works according to the briquetting plant to give appropriate output according to the user and used with all types of materials.


Production capacity 3-4 tons/hr
Output size 8mm to 12mm
Raw material Max diameter: 100 mm & Max Length: 6 feet
Motor 3phase 50HP


−>  Perfect output

−>  Less maintenance

−>  Less noise pollution

−>  Efficient working

−>  Desired output by adjustable hammer and plate

−>  Easy to operate

−>  Low power consumption


⇒  Less Production cost

⇒  High efficiency

⇒  No binding material required

⇒  Easy to store

⇒  Low maintenance cost

⇒  High thermal value

⇒  No air pollution

We have attained great industry and domain expertise and have become a renowned industry in the production of briquetting machines. Our machines are mostly demanded in our client’s due to the quality of the machines that is provided by us. Our machines have gained a good reputation in the market. The demand of our products is increasing because of its simple operation, best performance, less energy consumption and less maintenance. We manufacture a range of machines according to the specifications required by the client.

We use the latest technology in the manufacturing of the machines to make them better. We are one of the leading manufacturers of crushers for briquetting machines. We not only supply our products in India but also export them to other countries like USA, Germany, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Our export ratio is nearly 70% and our production capacity is about 20 plants in one month.