A briquette is a compressed block made up of coal dust, charcoal dust, saw dust, wood chips etc which is used as fuel in stoves, boilers and also to ignite fire. Any type of biomass can be used as a briquette. The remains or by-products of industries like cotton seeds, corn waste, jute waste, cotton husk, coffee husk etc. are used as the raw materials to prepare the briquette products. We have employed highly skilled professionals that manufacture and operate the briquetting machines which are made up of high quality parts.

Jay Khodiyar is well renowned in the Indian market as manufacturer, supplier briquetting press for compressing biomass, machine is made under supervision of technicians and experts. Our  briquetting machines convert agro, forestry and industrial waste in useful product like pollution-free fuels. Our clients prefer our products because of the advantages and features offered by them. We provide a range of world best Briquetting Plant Systems that have international excellence standards. Our biomass briquetting machine are manufactured in special briquetting plant.


Place The location of the plant should be chosen near a forest or any such place from where it would be easy to get raw materials that are required to manufacture the products. The main benefit of selecting such a location is that we can get raw materials at comparatively cheaper prices and even the cost of transportation will also be less which will help reduce the production cost.
Land Area The selection of land area depends on the size of machines. We recommend a minimum area of 20*30*12 feet of area to set up a briquetting plan. In addition to this a warehouse area is also required so that the raw materials can be stored but it is on the client’s choice to have it or not.
Raw Materials A wide range of products are available that can be used as raw materials which have large amount of heat and produces less amount ash. Jute waste, forest leaves, cotton stalks, almond shells, castor seed shells, coconut leaves etc
Drying The moisture content in the materials should be less than or equal to 10%. If the waste has more moisture than that, it has to be reduced using various processes. A special type of dryer is used to dehydrate the materials.
Cutting In order to get proper shaped briquettes the size of the materials should be small i.e. at most 200mm. If the size of material are larger than this then they need to be reduced to smaller size by putting them into the crusher machine.
Binder In the raw materials there is a content lignin which turns into liquid in the process and acts as a binder. Hence the cost of buying a binder is also reduced. It is also called as binder less technology.