Briquetting Plant

Want to carry out briquetting? Confused about what is a briquetting plant? Or want to Install a briquetting plant in your location? What are the necessary raw materials to prepare a briquette? Any specific requirements to set up a briquetting plant?

What is briquetting plant?

Briquetting plant is the technology to convert various type of forestry and biomass waste into useful soil briquette. This briquette is then used in industries, boilers, etc. as fuel. The main process in the briquetting plant starts from shredding the biomass in the crusher into small pieces that can be compressed properly to form uniform shaped briquettes.

The briquetting is innovative technology used to utilize the waste residues of agricultural crops, stalks, seed covers, etc. Briquetting machine plant gives an option to convert waste into revenue. Jay Khodiyar offers a diverse range of briquetting plant varying in shape, size and features. We are renowned as the most versatile briquetting plant manufacturer that provide reliable and efficient machines to prepare briquettes.

The briquetting plant we offer are:

  • Agro Briquetting Plant
  • Biomass Briquetting Plant
  • Energy Briquetting Plant
  • Fuel Briquetting Plant
  • Jumbo 90mm Briquetting Plant
  • Renewable Briquetting Plant
  • Super 75mm Briquetting Plant
  • Wood Waste Briquetting Plant
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    These are the most common questions that come to the mind before setting up the briquetting plant. To answer all the questions we have specially skilled and trained professionals who handle each of the process execute process. The use of briquetting process dates back to the ancient times. The briquetting plant that we provide has a great production capacity and can make various shape and size of the briquettes. The use of briquetting plant makes it easy to carry out briquetting easily and generate the briquette of uniform shape. The main benefit of the briquetting plant is the excellent production capacity, uniform performance, consistent quality output and long life span. The whole briquetting unit that we offer consists of the main plant, crusher/ shredder and dryer machine. All the components in the briquetting plant are attained from highly renowned and reliable retailers in the market to ensure their great performance. The briquetting plant technology is used to convert the agriculture and forestry  into the fuel having high calorific value.