We are the leading provider of diverse range of briquetting plant and briquetting machine that helps you convert the agro waste into a useful and manageable piece. The briquettes that are prepared in our briquetting machine are uniform in shape and have high thermal calorific value. These machines have the capacity to process large amount of biomass waste obtained from agriculture, forestry and other processing units. We have expanded our span in various states of India to successfully provide them with the suitable products. Biomass briquetting machine is used to make uniform shape briquette and convert the waste into fuel used in boilers, power generators, etc.

The machines have special features consisting of crushing, compressing and drying to form the final briquette. The shape and size of briquettes are decided on the basis of the requirements of the plant and industry where it is to be used. Each of the machine in briquetting plant is designed by professional team of experts and are fabricated using top brand material to ensure their quality and strong body. We have expanded our reach in all the states of India and provide the clients with the best briquetting machine in order to satisfy them with the most suitable product. We even take note of the working of features in the machine and customize them as per the need and offer these machines at best price.

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