Our planet is having a varied range of resources but some of them are limited and day-by-day their utilization is increasing driving them to the edge of extinction. This problem is making people to move toward the use of non-conventional energy resources. Our plan of biomass briquetting technology is a step towards the preservation of natural resources by utilizing the useless materials like cumin waste, groundnut shells, almond shells, cotton stalk etc. We are trying to move people towards the use of renewable sources. The use of biological waste instead of non renewable energy sources would reduce the overall pollution in the environment. An initiative has to be taken to turn the world towards the use of biomass.

A briquette is a compressed block made up of coal dust, charcoal dust, saw dust, wood chips etc which is used as fuel in stoves, boilers and also to ignite fire. Any type of biomass can be used as a briquette. The remains or by-products of industries like cotton seeds, corn waste, jute waste, cotton husk, coffee husk etc. are used as the raw materials to prepare the briquette products. Various briquetting plants are made in order to meet the required specifications of the our clients. Our briquetting plant are well known in India as well as other countries like America, Canada etc.

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