What is Biomass Briquettes & Biomass Briquettes Machine? 

Biomass briquettes are considered as an alternate to coal and charcoal which are limited in nature. Briquettes are generally utilized as a part of the advancing technology, where the fuel required for cooking is not as effectively accessible. There has been a continuous increase in the utilization of biomass briquettes all over the world, where they are utilized to warm boilers to generate power from the steam. The briquettes are compared with coal because of the features and application areas in which they are used. Biomass briquettes machine helps in converting green waste from forests and other natural wastes into a uniform shaped briquettes. The biomass briquettes machine compress the raw materials to from a strong briquette that can burn for a long time and have high calorific value. We are the briquetting machine manufacturer providing world with best rated briquetting plant. We make the biomass briquette machine that are utilized all around the globe since years for the unmatching advantages that they show.

Our planet is having an extensive scope of natural resources however some of them are constrained and step by step their use is expanding driving them to the edge of annihilation. This issue is making individuals to advance toward the utilization of non-traditional vitality assets. Our arrangement of getting to be chief manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler and exporter Biomass Briquetting machine Technology and biomass briquetting plant manufacturer is a stage towards the safeguarding of regular assets by using the futile materials like cumin squander, groundnut shells, almond shells, cotton stalk and so forth. We are endeavoring to move individuals towards the utilization of sustainable sources. The utilization of natural waste rather than non sustainable power sources would diminish the general contamination in the earth. An activity must be taken to turn the world towards the utilization of biomass. Biomass briquettes are produced using stays like espresso husk, sugarcane squander, almond shells, cotton stalk, rice husk and so on which are packed in briquetting plant to shape a strong piece. These briquettes are utilized as fuel or a way to touch off the fire.

biomass briquettes machine

Our company has gained a huge expertise in India for manufacturing of biomass briquetting and supplying briquetting machine. We have best biomass briquetting equipment for accurate bio fuel briquette. In the manufacturing, we have employed skilled and trained professionals who operate and take care of the process. Each department has a team of highly skilled professionals that are dedicated to their specific task allocated to them. Our machines use agro, industrials and forestry waste to make the final product. We offer best quality biomass briquetting machine that is made up of very qualitative metallic and non metallic components. These components ensure that the machine works smoothly and operations are done faultlessly. Our company allocates a special team of logistic workforce ensures that the machines deliver on time to our client’s. Our client firstly chooses our machines as they are high efficiency, low maintenance, long life span and reliable operations. We make biomass briquetting plant that have absolute standards and quality in India as well as other countries.

Raw materials:

The raw materials can be from a number of places like industries or forests or even some household things like paper. These materials also include bamboo dust, cotton stalk, corn waste, groundnut shells, coffee husk, bitternut shells, sugarcane waste, mustard husk, jute waste, coal, charcoal and saw dust. These things can be mixed with saw dust in some specific amount of percentage.

Biomass briquetting


Final Product Cylindrical
Production capacity Nearly 1250 kg/hr
Finished Product According to client's requirement
Raw material Max diameter: 100 mm & Max Length: 6 feet
Space required Depends on range of machine
Customization If requested by the customer


—>  Perfect output

—>  Less maintenance

—>  Less noise pollution

—>  Efficient working

—>  Easy to operate

—>  Low power consumption


→  Less Production cost

→  High efficiency

→  No binding material required

→  Easy to store

→  Low maintenance cost

→  High thermal value

We have achieved incredible industry and area expertise and have turned out into a prestigious manufacturer in the production of biomass briquette with the help of the briquetting machine. We are the most famous manufacturer, dealer, wholesaler and exporter in the market for biomass briquettes machine utilizing most recent innovation. Our machines are highly demanded among our customer's because of the nature of the machines that is given by us. Our briquette machine has picked up a decent notoriety in the market. The request of our items is expanding a direct result of its straightforward activity, best execution, less vitality utilization and less maintenance. We fabricate a scope of machines as requested by the customer according to their needs. We utilize the most recent innovation in the assembling of the machines to improve them. We are one of the main producers of the biomass briquettes machine.