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We are making Briquetting Unit and briquetting machine that uses Nature Friendly technology and effectively utilizes the materials in order to maintain and preserve our environment. We introduce a way to directly use agro-forestry waste by processing it in the Briquetting machines in the unit at the plant locationWe have our main focus on saving Natural Resources for the up-coming generations.

Out of the majority of global problems, environmental issues are very worrisome as they tend to affect the life not just humans but of all creatures in general. Oil Spills, Global warming and air, water and soil pollution cannot be taken for granted, especially for long periods of time. There is an immediate need for some substitute of fossil fuels like petroleum fuel and coal that are the root cause of the majority of ecological problems. An efficient but safer form of fuel is the need of the day.

With all kinds of renewable forms of energy sources marching their way in, bio-fuel briquetting is considered as one of the best ways to generate solid fuel from wastes that are mostly disposed in a very non-productive way. Biomass briquetting technology are the most efficient substitute of coal and are gentle on the environment and living beings. We provide machines that make briquettes of perfect shapes in special type of world class briquetting machines and having latest technology. With the awareness of the beneficial value of briquettes rising, the business of briquetting plant is booming. The number of plants having varied features are available at our industry and customization can be done as per client's requirement.

What is Briquette?

Briquette is basically a small block made up of coal dust, saw dust, charcoal or any other combustible materials used to start a fire or as fuel. The term briquette is comes from the french word for brick. This is because of the top qualities, strength and shape that the briquette has.

Types of Briquettes:

  1. Coal Briquettes
  2. Charcoal Briquettes
  3. Peat Briquettes
  4. Biomass Briquettes
  5. Paper Briquettes
  6. Straw Briquettes
  7. Rice Husk Briquettes
  8. Peanut shell Briquettes
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What is Briquetting Unit?

To prepare the briquettes there is a special process carried out on the raw materials which is known as briquetting. For carrying this process we at Jay Khodiyar Group is engaged in manufacturing an excellent quality range of Briquetting Unit. With the help and supervision of our dexterous team of professionals who utilize the latest technological equipments for making the briquettes. Briquetting has gained an immense importance and popularity in the world because of the benefits that are offered by it. The briquetting unit we make is highly useful in generating biomass briquettes, fuel briquettes, coal briquettes, wood and sawdust briquettes. As briquetting unit manufacturer, we utilize the top grade of raw materials, high grade metals, fabrication technique, top machineries and industry defined specifications to generate best grade briquettes. The briquetting unit is best machine to carry out briquetting process. The complete briquetting unit composes of various machineries: briquetting plant, crusher, shredder and dryer. Acquire the top grade unit for briquetting from us at an exciting price range.

Why Us?

We have an immense experience of 21 years in this field for manufacturing, supplying and exporting the briquetting machine, briquetting plant, briquetting dryers and briquetting crushers of supreme quality. The Briquetting Machines and Biomass Briquetting Technology that we use are of best quality and efficiency and are highly accepted. We have set up plants that will use the waste and fallow materials in order to generate a new source of energy for the people. The supreme quality of products that we deliver is a result of our team’s hard work, dedication and use of latest and world class technology in briquette plants. We have various projects like biomass briquetting project, energy briquette project, Agro Briquette Plant Project, Renewable Briquetting Plant Project. We are the leading biomass briquetting plant manufacturer, supplier and exporter. We are the leading manufacturer, exporter and trader to provide our prestigious clients an optimum quality range of briquettes through our machines and plants.

Various points to select us:

⇒ Products are ISO standardized

⇒ Skilled team

⇒ Experience of 21 years

⇒ Spartan examined machines

⇒ Latest Technology

⇒ High quality raw materials

⇒ Best quality components

⇒ Cost effectiveness

⇒ Flawless end products

⇒ Robust body briquetting unit


→ Uniform size

→ Supreme quality

→ Briquettes are cheaper compared to oil, coal, etc.

→ Farmers can get a new source for income and improve economic condition creating new job opportunities.

→ Volume is reduced by 10 times because of compressing them into briquettes making them easy to transport.

→ High burning efficiency, Consistency in quality and perfectly sized for complete combustion.

→ As compared to its normal loose form Briquettes burn for a much longer time when they are compressed.

→ The use of waste materials reduces the consumption of non renewable resources & rate of deforestation.

→ Briquettes produce no fly ash during the process.

→ Disposal problem of waste materials and industrial output is solved to a great extent.

What we Offer?

We are the world best and trusted exporter, manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of best value briquetting unit and briquetting machine and we even import our parts from other countries to give our client’s best product.

Our range of machines:

  • —⟩  Briquetting Machines
  • —⟩  Jumbo 90 Briquetting Machines
  • —⟩  Super 70 Briquetting Machines
  • —⟩  Agro Briquetting Machines
  • —⟩  Bio Mass Briquetting Machines
  • —⟩  Rice Husk Briquetting Machines
  • —⟩  Jute Briquetting Machines
  • —⟩  Sugarcane Bagasse Briquetting Machines
  • —⟩  Coffee Husk Briquetting Machines

About Our Products:

Our planet is having a varied range of resources but some of them are limited and day-by-day their utilization is increasing driving them to the edge of extinction. This problem is making people to move toward the use of non-conventional energy resources. Our plan of Briquetting Technology is a step towards the preservation of natural resources by utilizing the useless materials like cumin waste, groundnut shells, almond shells, cotton stalk etc. We are trying to move people towards the use of renewable sources. The use of biological waste instead of non renewable energy sources would reduce the overall pollution in the environment. An initiative has to be taken to turn the world towards the use of biomass.

Briquettes are made from remains like coffee husk, sugarcane waste, almond shells, cotton stalk, rice husk etc which are compressed to form a solid block. These briquettes are used as fuel or a means to ignite the fire. Our company has set benchmark in offering Agro Briquetting Plant, Briquetting machine, biomass briquettes to the clients. Briquetting Biomass Plant is the process of switching lower solidity biomass into high spirit density briquette.

Raw materials

Briquettes are used as a substitute of coal, charcoal and other non renewable sources. These briquettes are made up of waste from industries, forests and agriculture which are used as fuel and ignite fire. Low density biomass is converted into high density biomass using the briquetting machines in the plants. No chemicals are added into it to sustain the natural form. The raw materials used in this are rice husk, coffee husk, sugarcane waste, groundnut shells, tea waste, maize stalks, sunflower stalks, soya bean husk, tobacco waste, palm husk, seeds cases, leaves, wood chips, paddy straw, wheat straw etc. These briquettes are used in thermal applications like boilers, furnace and also in hotels, canteens etc. for heating or cooling.


Binding Agents

• Starch
Starch is the most common element that is used for binding but is expensive. Starch is obtained from wheat, corn, rice flour, potato, etc. This starch needs to be firstly gelatinized then after adding water, it is heated to get a sticky consistency of the liquid.
• Wood tar
Wood tar is obtained from kilns and retorts in the process of carbonization. But it has to be re-carbonized to avoid smoke.
• Clay
Clay is mostly available in most of the area and is free. Clay content in briquette is nearly 15%. But if a large amount is added into the mixture then, it won’t ignite properly and reduce the heating value.
• Molasses
The by-product of sugarcane industry is called as molasses. Nearly 20% of molasses is required in one ton of briquette.

What is a Briquetting Plant?

Briquetting plant is an eco friendly technology which is used to convert the natural residues like forestry, industries and agriculture waste into solid uniform blocks of natural and non harmful fuel. Cylindrical shaped briquettes are made with high mechanical pressure using binder less technology as there is no need to add any kind of binder or chemical to bind the materials together. These biomass briquettes are considered as the best substitute to non renewable fossil fuels like petrol, diesel, etc. Other than this they can be used in various industries like petrochemical, furnaces, power plant and boilers. Looking from the ecological point of view biomass briquettes are completely pollution free and also helps in turning the surroundings into clean and green which saves a noteworthy amount of foreign exchange. The main focus behind briquetting is transforming the useless and generating Wealth from Waste. Our excellent range of the Briquetting plant converts all type of agriculture residues into solid bio-fuel. It is considered as a great alternative for the farmers to earn money from waste, also the briquetting crusher and briquetting press is the promising substitute for green energy production.

Understanding the Biomass Briquettes

Our range of Biomass Briquettes are ready alternate of lignite, coal, wood, petrol and diesel in industrial boiler and brick kiln for thermal application to generate heat. Biomass Briquettes are non conventional source of energy, Eco-friendly, Renewable causing zero pollution and completely economical. The utilization of bio coal is expanding step by step and has exceptionally request capable market because of its fuel cost sparing and contamination free attributes. The calorific value of Biomass Briquette is approximately 4000-4500 Kcal/Kg. In the biomass briquette the consumption of the raw materials is around 84 % which reduces the heat loss to the least amount of 16 %. In case of coal and other fuel the utilization of material is around 54 % & the loss of heat is around 46 %. This proves that biomass briquettes are highly useful & valuable in the nature for preserving the environment.

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Are you confused about what is briquetting and want to get the complete understanding of biomass briquettes? This is the place where you will get idea about the briquetting plant and briquetting machine and the answer about briquette plant process. The briquetting plant is basically a technology which turns all kind of forestry, industrial and agricultural waste into solid fuel. JK Group Briquetting machines turn the finished element into cylindrical logs with the help of high pressure offered by the briquetting press without any help of binder or chemical. You can establish your own briquette plant with the help of Jay Khodiyar briquetting machine. We are the best briquetting plant manufacturer making the machine which enables in making biomass briquettes without the use of any chemical or binder. With the help of high pressure by the briquetting press it reduces the size of raw material which is easy to transport and moreover this process will increase the calorific value by removing the extra moisture.